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Below are pictures of upcoming litter matches

Golden Glory M and M Slim Shady's Girl "Emmi" bred to Gold-Rush Aston Martin

Click here for their pedigree information
Golden Glory Once Upon A Time "Brandi" bred to CH. Gold Rush Slim Shady "Oakley"

Click here for pedigree information

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ALL of Golden Glory Breeding Girls have their OFA Hip, Elbow, Eye, and Heart Clearances



We are a huge part of the Golden Glory Breeding Families litters upbringing and care.  
All families have been trained the Golden Glory way to love and care for the babies.

Please contact us if you are interested in one of our 
Golden Glory puppies!

We look forward to adding you to our Golden Glory Family!



How do we raise your puppy to be a balanced dog?
Most importantly, we love them as our own!


  • They are whelped in Golden Glory Breeding Family loving homes.  They know family life because of the constant interactions they receive.   
  • From the moment they are born they are held, tenderly cared for and kissed them on their little faces.  As they grow and their eyes open the GG Breeding Family is imprinted on them.  Our Golden Glory Breeding Family is devoted to the care of the puppies and who they will be for your family for the entire 8 weeks they are in their homes.  
  • The GG Breeding Family takes time to cradle the puppies on their backs.  Pups are naturally vulnerable on their backs.  This teaches them to trust us.
  • The pups are not encouraged to teethe on our hands and we clip their nails every week and touch their toes. This is to help you have the best start with your puppy.
  • We also have a morning routine.  When they are old enough the puppies are brought outside first thing in the morning and throughout the day.  In the evening bed time is at 10:30pm.  
  • We have weekly scheduled visiting time after the puppies are 6 weeks old.  We encourage you to come over and play with them.  This way by the time you bring your puppy home he/she will know you.
  • They are wormed 3x's, have their heart checked at 6 weeks, and are they are given their first shots at 8 weeks.
  • We provide a PRIVATE Facebook page for our Golden Glory Family to watch the growth of the puppies and to keep in touch with all the other families.  If you want to keep connected with us and share your experiences this is the place to do that.  You must contact Arlene Mary Quinn on FB and ask to be added to our GG FB group.
  • We provide GG Family Gatherings at our local dog park and restaurants.   This is all included when you join our Golden Glory Family!
  • We also offer Puppy Training Classes and Grooming Parties.