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Golden Glory Breeding Program!

Our breeding program allows our breeding dogs to be raised as part of your family, enjoying life as all goldens deserve, with love and attention, but at the same time remain an important part of our Golden Glory Breeding Program.  When our pup becomes eligible to have her litter you will get to enjoy the experience of whelping and raising the litter in your home. You will assist me in the delivery in your home and I will guide you to raise our pups the Golden Glory way. In addition, if you would have a third litter with us, you will be given the puppy of your choice!  

What are our Golden Glory Breeding Family's responsibilities?
Our breeding family raises the Golden Glory puppy until she matures and has contributed to two litters. After completion of the GG Breeding Program the breeding dog is released from our program and becomes a permanent part of her breeding family's life.

You will have the pick of the litter and a second puppy as your own without spending the initial cost of purchasing a Golden Glory Golden. Plus you will be contributing to continuing the great line Golden Glory has to offer! 

What are our responsibilities?

We help with the whelping of the pups!  You will not do not do this alone.  We are there when the pups are born!
All the pups are reserved before they are conceived so you don't have to worry about that process.
We pay for all of the reproductive expenses related to our Golden Glory Breeding Dog and the litters health and well being.  

We provide hands on training to learn how to raise our puppies the Golden Glory Way.

We look forward to developing life long friendships and expanding our Golden Glory line.  Please contact us and I will explain further our vision for your family and ours.

*Each applicant will need to be approved before we agree to allow one of our golden babies to be released into the Golden Glory Breeding Program. *